About Us

Lime Tree Lane was born out of a love of all things Caribbean. I first visited the Caribbean as a two year old and have been fortunate enough to not only re-visit and work in my parent’s native Jamaica but also visit many of the other beautiful islands in the region on countless occasions. From Cuba with it’s Latin beats to St Lucia with its amazing Pitons and rainforests. I have experienced the very French chic of Martinique and the contrasting British essence, which can only be found in Barbados. On every occasion I have been amazed at how such a small region can be home to such colour and variation.

Our culinary tours and products aim to celebrate the colour, warmth and natural hospitality of the islands and we look forward to bringing a taste of the Caribbean into your hearts, homes and kitchens.

Here at Lime Tree Lane we are committed to bringing our customers authentic Caribbean dining experiences through our premium range of island inspired sauces, marinades, rubs and our alfresco dining and kitchenware products.

  1. We have created our tours and products to reflect the atmosphere and lifestyle of the islands and hope that your Lime Tree Lane experience will challenge your initial impressions on Caribbean cuisine both at home and away.

Sharon Hope